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Wisdom site, "mobile station" into an artifact

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China Shenzhen Okaf Technology Co., Ltd. certification
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The mast is extended only about 6m right now to see how it performs. As I mentioned so far it has done great. The total weight supported by the mast is around 15kg so there is plenty of margin there. Just as a point of interest the mast and antenna system has already been exposed to a wind of around 48km/h and did just fine.

—— Joe W. Feusner

We received the goods, which are already in the test, which is more affordable than the mast we bought for the first time, but the test seems to be good without any problems.

—— Robert Labro

We still want to work with you to continue to buy mast products in your company. The first time we purchased the product was very good and there was no problem. The same is true for the second purchase of the mast, but the weight of the gimbal rotor seems to be too light. We hope to cooperate with you for the third time. But the problem we are cons

—— Pankaj

The products are very good, there are a lot of places that do not understand, the salesman has always been very cooperative with our work to help us achieve the results we need.

—— Tuan Nguyen

I am very satisfied with the production and delivery

—— pero baotic

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Wisdom site, "mobile station" into an artifact
Latest company news about Wisdom site, "mobile station" into an artifact


Wisdom site, "mobile station" into an artifact


latest company news about Wisdom site, "mobile station" into an artifact  0


The construction site safety inspection and supervision is getting more and more, from the safe application to the intelligent management of the smart security system, the current security system has put forward new standards for security and also has new analysis algorithms, new requirements, in the previous Simple site monitoring, the current Ouke Weiye mobile station system can not only realize the construction progress of the entire site remotely, but also can be used as a supervision to manage the access system and construction safety of the entire site.


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1, helmet detection

Every worker must wear a safety helmet when entering or leaving the construction site. Safety helmets must be worn during the construction process. The state has clear laws and regulations on construction safety. The Oaker Weiye Mobile Station is for workers without helmets. The scene will alarm and sound and light alarm. , prompted to wear a helmet.


After entering the construction site, some workers take off their helmets when they are resting or think it is safer, resulting in an accident. Our mobile station forensics system will also find out that it will sound and light alarm when it is under construction, and prompts to wear a helmet. Photographs will be stored, alarm messages will be received at the command center, and the command center will pop up the window. You can call or send text messages to the supervisor and project leader to avoid accidents.


2, face recognition

For the entry and exit of the site management, personnel who have not been registered or entered the list enter the site to realize the alarm and capture the alarm to the background.


3, real-time monitoring

Large-scale project groups such as China Construction Group and China Railway Group can timely observe the construction progress and safety production of each project in dozens of construction sites or hundreds of construction sites under the group in the background. In the command center, you can realize image viewing and playback, know where the site is, GPS positioning, control pan/tilt rotation and zoom, and call.

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4, all-day life

With 365 days of continuous battery life, 2*100 watts of solar energy can be used to increase the endurance, which can achieve 365 days of work. It adopts dual power supply mode of mains power supply and solar power.


5, easy to carry

The solar energy adopts a foldable design, which is easy to install and easy to carry.


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