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Invitation-- 2024 Guangzhou international lighting exhibition

China Shenzhen Okaf Technology Co., Ltd. certification
China Shenzhen Okaf Technology Co., Ltd. certification
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The mast is extended only about 6m right now to see how it performs. As I mentioned so far it has done great. The total weight supported by the mast is around 15kg so there is plenty of margin there. Just as a point of interest the mast and antenna system has already been exposed to a wind of around 48km/h and did just fine.

—— Joe W. Feusner

We received the goods, which are already in the test, which is more affordable than the mast we bought for the first time, but the test seems to be good without any problems.

—— Robert Labro

We still want to work with you to continue to buy mast products in your company. The first time we purchased the product was very good and there was no problem. The same is true for the second purchase of the mast, but the weight of the gimbal rotor seems to be too light. We hope to cooperate with you for the third time. But the problem we are cons

—— Pankaj

The products are very good, there are a lot of places that do not understand, the salesman has always been very cooperative with our work to help us achieve the results we need.

—— Tuan Nguyen

I am very satisfied with the production and delivery

—— pero baotic

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Company News
Invitation-- 2024 Guangzhou international lighting exhibition
Latest company news about Invitation-- 2024 Guangzhou international lighting exhibition

Invitation-- 2024 Guangzhou international lighting exhibition


The 29th Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition (Guangya) will be held at China Import and Export Fair Complex from 9-12 June 2024.


In 2024, the exhibition will extend last year's theme of 'Light +' and add the sub-theme of 'Practising Light Unlimited' to the theme of "Light + Era - Practising Light Unlimited", which will continue to provide the best opportunity for the lighting industry. " as the theme, continuing to provide a platform for the industry to see further, encouraging industry players to think about the benefits of light to mankind, to be brave to imagine and realise them, and to construct new horizons and skills with the quality of light and digital changes, creating more new applications and technologies, and to promote the concept of 'Light+' to enhance the spatial experience, Improve the quality of life, and contribute to the goal of low-carbon and zero-carbon future. The exhibition will create eight "light +" scenarios theme, show diversified applications exhibition area, introduce more accurate resource docking, establish an efficient communication platform, in-depth application port, in-depth excavation of the potential for industrial integration, to further expand and extend the development of the entire industry space, to ensure that we can foresee the future opportunities of the lighting industry, to seize and to be realised. realise.


Date: 9th - 12th June 2024
380 Yuejiang Middle Road, Haizhu District Guangzhou, China
Booth Number: China lmport and ExportFair Complex, Hall 6.1,Booth D21


Shenzhen OKAF will show the mobile solar light towers ,telescopic mast on the exhibition.  OKAF mobile solar light tower composed of high speed trailer, ultra bright led lights,lifting system and battery & solar power supply. Which is perfect for using in any place where there is difficult to get power. It is strong mobility,especially for mobile emergency lighting. OKAF light towers are widely used in construction sites,mining ,oil,special events, big events,neighborhoods,security and particularly effective for noise sensitive applications,and many other applications where on-demand lighting is required.


Mobile solar lighting towers are suitable for large-scale outdoor lighting such as emergency rescue, rescue and disaster relief,flood control ,construction sites operations. Large-area construction lighting in electric power, railway, fire protection, petrochemical, mining, coal and other industries. Temporarily illuminate large areas in public places such as airports, docks, stadiums, squares, roads, and market projects.

Advantages of OKAF light towers as below:

♦ No need to set points and wiring, reduce the cost of deployment.
♦ No need to disassemble,easy to use and operate.
♦ Rapid deployment. One can complete the system within 5 minutes to meet emergency need.
♦ High brightness, wide range lighting. Use 6*100W /6*200W or more power super bright led lights, lamp pole 10 meter, Large irradiation area.
♦ Humanized design and easy operation. Auto lifting telescopic mast.With control system to control lamp pole up and down, as well as led lights on/off.
♦ Built in battery. High capacity battery power, long last time up 8~12 hours.
♦ Solar power, unlimited power source, clear energy, environmental protection.
♦ Automatic solar charging with MPPT controller.
♦ Alternate charging optional,support solar and mains 220V /110V input charging.
♦ Stretchable mono-crystalline solar panels.
♦ Lowest cost of ownership without expensive consumables [fuel, oil and coolant].
♦ Silence, No noise, No harmful gases. Environmental friendly.
♦ Thickened metal body, galvanized rust-proof bracket, more durable equipment.
♦ system Waterproof. The trailer body and led lights protection grade up to IP65 waterproof.
♦ Remotely management of device. Remote monitoring battery and solar information, remote control led lights on/off. remote control telescopic mast up and down.


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