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"Mobile Station" helmet identification system expands AI intelligent video analysis application

Good quality Full HD PTZ Camera for sales
Good quality Full HD PTZ Camera for sales
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The mast is extended only about 6m right now to see how it performs. As I mentioned so far it has done great. The total weight supported by the mast is around 15kg so there is plenty of margin there. Just as a point of interest the mast and antenna system has already been exposed to a wind of around 48km/h and did just fine.

—— Joe W. Feusner

We received the goods, which are already in the test, which is more affordable than the mast we bought for the first time, but the test seems to be good without any problems.

—— Robert Labro

We still want to work with you to continue to buy mast products in your company. The first time we purchased the product was very good and there was no problem. The same is true for the second purchase of the mast, but the weight of the gimbal rotor seems to be too light. We hope to cooperate with you for the third time. But the problem we are cons

—— Pankaj

The products are very good, there are a lot of places that do not understand, the salesman has always been very cooperative with our work to help us achieve the results we need.

—— Tuan Nguyen

I am very satisfied with the production and delivery

—— pero baotic

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"Mobile Station" helmet identification system expands AI intelligent video analysis application

"Mobile Station" helmet identification system expands AI intelligent video analysis application

"Mobile Station" helmet identification system expands AI intelligent video analysis application


       Nowadays, the state pays more and more attention to safety production, and various enterprises have also taken various measures to ensure the safe production of employees and thus protect the interests of enterprises. In all walks of life, there are dangerous work for workers on the job who do not wear helmets and related safety measures. Casualties caused by not wearing helmets sometimes occur. Hard hat wearing management has become a major difficulty. In order to reduce the difficulty of management and improve the safety awareness of on-the-job personnel, real-time video detection of the helmet identification device can be deployed at various production sites to ensure that the on-duty workers are required to perform safety precautions in accordance with the requirements. Realize the safe production and information management, to prevent the normal situation in the prevention of pre-existing things, and to regulate the management afterwards. As a fixed security management can be implemented, but often the accident occurs in the mobile site site, the Oakville "mobile station" helmet identification system can make up for this vacancy.



       The helmet identification system of the Okaf Mobile Station really solves some pain points and difficulties on the construction site, and provides guarantee for safe production. What AI intelligent video analysis is provided by the mobile station? What problems have been solved? Please see below:


1. Real-time identification and detection of helmets, real-time monitoring and early warning, alarm video, screenshots;

2. The alarm information can be pushed to the relevant management personnel to assist the management personnel in safe production management;

3. Support wireless remote call and intercom command;

4. Mobile station forensics system integrates video, lifting, control, storage and display into an integrated design single operation, rapid deployment in 3-5 minutes;

5. The camera adopts 360-degree rotation, 20 times 2 million (1920*1080P) HD camera, and infrared 80 meters;

6. Pneumatic lifting rod, the height is 3.5 meters when raised;

7. Support 4 channels of high-definition video, using military-grade anti-shock processing;

8. Built-in GPS / BD module positioning;

9. Built-in 4T hard disk, up to 40 days of recording time;

10. Multi-energy supply, solar energy supply;

11. Powerful battery life, 1*200AH lithium battery, one charge, the system can run for 5-7 days

12. Customized mobile monitoring command platform, support computer client, IE and mobile APP viewing and control, support command center multi-screen real-time preview, image capture capture, main sub-stream switching display, instant playback.


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