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OKAF Infrared Car PTZ Camera Applied to Xiamen Mobile Sentry Police Car Video Forensics System

Good quality Full HD PTZ Camera for sales
Good quality Full HD PTZ Camera for sales
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The mast is extended only about 6m right now to see how it performs. As I mentioned so far it has done great. The total weight supported by the mast is around 15kg so there is plenty of margin there. Just as a point of interest the mast and antenna system has already been exposed to a wind of around 48km/h and did just fine.

—— Joe W. Feusner

We received the goods, which are already in the test, which is more affordable than the mast we bought for the first time, but the test seems to be good without any problems.

—— Robert Labro

We still want to work with you to continue to buy mast products in your company. The first time we purchased the product was very good and there was no problem. The same is true for the second purchase of the mast, but the weight of the gimbal rotor seems to be too light. We hope to cooperate with you for the third time. But the problem we are cons

—— Pankaj

The products are very good, there are a lot of places that do not understand, the salesman has always been very cooperative with our work to help us achieve the results we need.

—— Tuan Nguyen

I am very satisfied with the production and delivery

—— pero baotic

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OKAF Infrared Car PTZ Camera Applied to Xiamen Mobile Sentry Police Car Video Forensics System

OKAF Infrared Car PTZ Camera Applied to Xiamen Mobile Sentry Police Car Video Forensics System

OKAF Infrared Car PTZ Camera Applied to Xiamen Mobile Sentry Police Car Video Forensics System


Based on the characteristics of the public security system and the requirements of mobile office, OKAF with a mobile sentry box manufacturer in Xiamen to developed and designed a warning and publicity system, police office system, police communication system, monitoring system, picture transmission system, power supply system, lighting system and simple living equipment with a mobile sentry box manufacturer in Xiamen. It has the functions of field office command, emergency communication, image 4G transmission, field lighting, strong sound broadcasting, duty in bad environment, etc., which can meet the needs of mobile office, police advance, inspection, gate, and security maintenance.



It is applicable to all kinds of police situations, realizing the dynamic control of public security blind spots, such as complicated places, areas with high incidence of cases, large event sites, tourist attractions, national, provincial and county roads, etc., and building an all-round comprehensive public security prevention and control system.

It is equipped with population information inquiry, CCIC information inquiry of the Ministry of Public Security, temporary ID card processing, and public security information collection.

OKAF 4G mobile vehicle mounted monitor system can meet the current demand of quick alarm and quick response. Our vehicle mounted ptz camera can report the alarm and get rescue response and dispatch in time. The commanding center can see the the situation at the sentry box. And remote position and remote control the image.

1. Each vehicle install 4 units ptz camera( 1080P-SDI/AHD), the PTZ cameras comes with infrared light, 20x Optical zoom 2.0 megapixel. It can be 360 degree rotate, the camera inside the car come with audio(1080P-SDI/AHD), emergency reinforcement alarm button, an emergency JPEG picture capture button, a two way voice intercom handle, a 7 inch joystick with screen,and optional with body worn camera.

2. Press the emergency reinforcement alarm button, the command center can receive the information that needs to reinforcement the law enforcement vehicle immediately. The command center could command the nearby patrol vehicles go to the reinforcement immediately.

  • In case of illegal activities, law enforcement officers can press the JPEG image capture button at any time, and the images collected by the camera can be immediately stored on the remote server
  • Support GPS / Beidou, dual mode positioning, higher precision.
  • Using 3G/4G wireless communication technology, the command center can control the operation of each patrol car at any time.
  • 360 degree rotation PTZ camera, convenient for accurate positioning and tracking of various illegal acts and law enforcement processes.
  • HD (1080P) video. Maximum support 4/8 channel 1080P HD video, clear video without delay.
  • Large storage hard disk (2TB), no need formatting, plug and play.
  • Police law enforcement officers can also wear our special body camera to carry out video, recording, photographing and other evidence-taking measures for illegal activities.
  • Law enforcement video extraction convenient and fast. Multiple storage methods (hard disk, server) are more secure. It can play back and backup video, download video remotely, extract video by server and so on.
  • The command center conducts unified management and command of the police law enforcement vehicles through the platform, effectively saving police force and improving law enforcement efficiency.



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